Lafarge High Strength cement is a quality BS EN 197-1 CEM I 52,5N Portland cement ideal for reliable strength and performance. Available in 25kg paper bags.

Features and benefits

EN 197-1 CEM I Portland cement

Quality assured cement which carries a CE Mark.

52,5N strength Portland cement

High strength cement for applications that require increased early strength development.

Can be used for traditional nominal mixes for all general applications that require a high strength cement solution

It is fully compatible with all standard admixtures such as air-entraining agents, workability aids, pigments and cement replacement materials such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag.

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Product information

  • Lafarge High Strength cement data sheet (pdf, 262.1 KB)
  • Lafarge Packed Cement Leaflet 2020 (pdf, 1.26 MB)
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