LytaFill is a specialist bulk fill developed by Lytag® that can be used bonded or unbonded for maximum flexibility.

BES 6001    CE marking    National Building Specification

Features and benefits

Hydrostatic and load pressure

LytaFill free draining properties and light weight allow significant reductions in hydrostatic pressure compared to natural aggregate bulk fill. A high angle of internal friction helps reduce the load on surrounding structures

Advantages: Relieving pressure from backfill to structure; smaller structures can be used; less reinforcement needed; can be used against structures of unknown stability

Benefits: Cost savings; problem-solver for projects with weight issues

An articulated truck can carry 36m3 of Geofill® compared with 18m3 of natural aggregate

Advantages: More volume per truck reduces vehicle trips, haulage costs, and environmental impact

Benefits: Quicker delivery; significant savings in haulage costs  

Placing and handling

LytaFill reduces the risk of manual handling injuries as it is half the weight of natural aggregates. Its round nature and strength makes it easier to place in even the most demanding of locations. A particle density greater than 1 means the aggregate won't float or blow away

Advantages: Quick and easy to install; no specialist knowledge or skills

Benefits: Reduce time and labour costs

Tests have shown that Lytafill settlement is remarkably low at only 1.8% and that it virtually self-compacts under water

Advantages: Minimal compaction is needed; maximum use of materials

Benefits: Time and labour cost savings; significant product savings.

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