Asphalt, aggregates and logistics solutions all provided on the A1 widening project.



The 12 mile stretch of dual carriageway between Leeming and Barton carries between 59,000 and 69,000 vehicles each day, and is the only section of non-motorway on the strategic M1/A1(M) route between London and Newcastle.

Whilst the accident rate for this road is in line with the national average for older dual carriageways, the severity rate is far higher and the lanes are poorly aligned, with many side roads and accesses to local farms and fields.

As part of an ongoing M1 improvement programme, the Leeming to Barton dual carriageway is undergoing a complete upgrade, which will transform it into a three-lane motorway with improved side road access. The programme also includes the provision of a new parallel local access road which will improve safety for local motorists.

Contractor, Carillion, one of the UK’s leading integrated support services companies with extensive construction capabilities, searched for a manufacturer capable of supplying substantial levels of high-quality aggregate products including, Type 1, fill and Asphalt materials. 


We were selected to work closely with another supplier to provide an ongoing substantial quantity of 6F5 and 6F4 Type 1 material and the associated labour.

In order to meet the demands of this large-scale supply project, our Hulands Quarry has ramped up its production levels. To date, the quarry has produced 176,000 tonnes of Type 1 material on top of its annual output of 200,000 tonnes and an even higher level of activity is expected in both 2015 and 2016, with estimates set at around 430,000 tonnes for this year alone.

In addition to this, two other quarries, are set to increase processing procedures to generate an additional 200,000 tonnes of asphalt and sub base aggregates in both 2015 and 2016. The team are working closely in partnership with the other selected supplier to deliver 136,000 tonnes of dry stone and 180,000 tonnes of Asphalt, along with 130,000 tonnes which will be purchased from external sources to meet the demands of the A1 widening project.

Set for completion in 2017, the new motorway will deliver improved safety, journey times and accessibility between Leeming and Barton. This three year project sees Aggregate Industries adjust production and processing levels to the tune of around 200,000 tonnes per year, to accommodate a large and significant civil engineering project. It also demonstrates the team’s ability to work seamlessly alongside competing industry leaders, throughout the specification, production, delivery and application of multiple products to assist the Highways Agency in delivering state-of-the-art improvements to one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

Project details

  • Highways Agency

  • Carillon

  • Civil Engineering

    • 176,000 tonnes of Type 1 material 
    • Delivered over 136,000 tonnes of dry stone 
    • Delivered over 180,000 tonnes of Asphalt