Our Asphalt and Contracting teams combined to help resurface and expand the busiest roundabout in Scotland.



The Sheriffhall Roundabout is known locally as the busiest roundabout in Scotland, assisting in the smooth flow of traffic into Edinburgh through the A720 and out again through the A7.

In 2008 the twenty year old hot-rolled asphalt surfacing was coming to the end of its useful life and the decision was taken to increase the roads capacity by widening the approach carriageways and the roundabout itself by adding an extra lane.


Superflex Carriageway was selected as the chosen asphalt surfacing replacement after a presentation of long-standing research and development work to Transport Scotland by Aggregate Industries.

Superflex Carriageway was installed as a direct cut and fill application of 50mm, after a 50mm planing of the old hot-rolled asphalt.

Other development work on the site included a redesign of the traffic monitoring systems, and the installation of drainage systems underneath the traffic island and new approach lanes.

Project details

  • Transport Scotland

  • Infrastructure

  • Contracting

    • Minimal disruption to Scotland's busiest roundabout
    • 50mm direct cut and fill application

Sheriffhall is an important junction in Scotland's principle network and the early signs are positive as to Bardon Superflex's performance.

Dougie Millar
Materials and QA Advisor for Transport Scotland