Superlasting asphalt was supplied to meet the clients need, for Blists Hill the requirement for a material which would not clash with the Victorian surroundings.



Blists Hill Victorian Town is an open air museum operated by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, that has been designed to replicate the appearance and feel of a typical industrial town at the close of the 19th century.

In 2011 the museum were seeking to surface a section of streets within the town with an asphalt material that would have an appearance in keeping with a Victorian Town but with all the contemporary material design benefits of increased durability and whole life costs.


Superlasting has been created by the Aggregate Industries technical team  for projects like Blists Hill and is a patented¹ sustainable, micro foamed mix process that provides the engineering performance of hot mix asphalt yet is produced and laid at reduced temperatures thereby extending the predicted service life.   Superlasting asphalt is also part of our Life range of products, as it has 24% reduction to carbon footprint ** versus standard asphalt .

Superlasting was supplied from Aggregate Industries plant at Haughmond Hill.  Superlasting asphalt is a available as a base, binder or surface course at a specification to meet the clients need, for Blists Hill the client had a requirement for a material that would not clash with the Victorian surroundings, the material was manufactured using a graded 10mm down design and with uncoated grit rolled in after installation to give it the appearance of an unbound macadam pavement design.

Project details

  • Roads

  • Blists Hill Victorian town 

  • Aggregate Industries - Contracting 

    • 24% reduction in carbon footprint
    • Available as a binder, base or surface course to meet client specification.
    • Extended service life
    • Low temperature asphalt 

The Superlasting surfacing material has performed very well since its installation two years ago and we are very pleased with it.

John Challen
Blists Hill Victorian Town