We supplied Squared Dressed walling blocks to match the individual customer's needs.



Dunelm Homes required an individual look for their private housing development, which is noticeably different from competitor developments in this picturesque rural Northumberland location.


We supplied Square Dressed walling in a Buff shade, which provided the appearance and distinctive look the developer desired.

Square Dressed is produced in a comprehensive range of heights and lengths which enables it to be laid coursed, brought to course or random.

Phil Brown, Managing Director, Dunelm Homes said: “We have been using Aggregate Industries for around twelve years. The material was initially chosen to differentiate our homes from those of the other major house builders in the North East housing market. We chose a distinctive wall material, built with clean and simple detailing and this feature has become our company’s brand image.”

Project details

  • Private Housing

  • Dunelm Homes

  • Meeting customers needs with a distinctive look

    Over 12 years of customer loyalty


We believe that the distinctive look our Dunelm Homes have achieved through the use of a range of Bradstone products, is a buy feature that has enhanced the appeal of what we offer and has assisted the growth in sales that we have experienced over the last decade.

Phil Brown
Managing Director, Dunelm Homes