We met the complex customers needs for product quality and health and safety, through technical discussions and customer care. Cemflow concrete was supplied.



Under a design and build contract, Edmund Nuttall were commissioned to build a new bridge over the river Clyde down stream of the Kingstone bridge. Construction entailed casting concrete within and over the river Clyde. Difficulties in compacting the concrete around heavily congested steel reinforcement allied to the health and safety risks associated with working in a river environment compelled the contractor to evaluate alternative concreting solutions.

Following intensive discussions between the site management team and Scotland technical staff, Cemflow V, a free flowing, self compacting high strength concrete was proposed to meet the contract specification for C55/67.


Cemflow V enabled the contractor to safely pour upwards of 200m3 into pier structures isolated within the river. Manpower requirements were dramatically reduced to that of inspection only and to monitor the rate of concrete rise.

Project details

  • Civil Engineering

  • Glasgow City Council

  • Edmund Nuttall

  • Glasgow City Engineers / Scott Wilson

  • Solved special customer needs

    Indepth technical support

    High quality product

    Meets Health and Safety needs