Designed and supplied Diamondcrete GR high strength grout mix.



When winter storms severely damaged one of the slipways adjacent to the Dawlish rail line, civil engineering and building contractor Dyer and Butler surveyed the site in order to formulate the right solution for the urgent repair work. 

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the site was only accessible via a 1200m long promenade, which ruled out the use of conventional delivery trucks for getting materials onto the site. Armed with this new information, engineers set about finding a manufacturer capable of providing not just a durable and cost effective product for the job, but a bespoke transportation solution too.


The answer was a grout mix that would encapsulate all the existing construction materials on site, delivered via a continuous pour along the promenade. 

We designed and supplied 270mof Diamondcrete GR High Strength Grout mix, which is a high-performance ready-mixed grout boasting indicative strengths in excess of 15N/mmat 24 hours and 35N/mmat 28 days. 

Diamondcrete GR proved to be the ideal solution for combining all of the materials required to rebuild the slipway, at the ideal pouring consistency of a 650mm flow, as determined by slump flow methods.  

With the ideal product identified, our team turned their attention to the logistics of delivering the grout to site. The main challenge was maintaining a continuous pour and avoiding blockages, which could result in unforeseen additional cost implications. The pours were conducted at dawn when the air and ground temperatures were cooler, which assisted with the continual movement of the liquid grout. Pouring at this time of day also kept traffic disruption to a minimum, which helped to reduce the overall impact of the works on the surrounding communities. The Diamondcrete GR was delivered in a number of loads each day, over 10 days, meeting the project deadline. 

Delivering a bespoke product in an emergency situation using a highly complex logistical solution, is a great demonstration of Aggregate Industries’ extensive capabilities when a number of different specialisms work together from across the business. This project encompassed experts from the commercial, technical, production, transport and distribution teams, who pulled together seamlessly to deliver a complete solution to the contractors working to protect Dawlish rail.

Project details

  • Civil Engineering

  • Dawlish Rail

  • Dyer and Butler

    • Designed and supplied 270mof Diamondcrete GR High Strength Grout mix
    • High-performance ready-mixed grout boasting indicative strengths in excess of 15N/mm2at 24 hours and 35N/mmat 28 days.