Charcon paves the way for multi-sports arena.



To provide a multi-product paving solution for the iconic Multi-Sports Arena as part of Derby City Council’s leisure strategy for the upgrade and re-provision of existing leisure facilities, helping to stimulate the city’s economy and provide new job opportunities for the local community.


Bowmer & Kirkland set about finding a manufacturer who could provide an aesthetically pleasing deterrent paving solution, which would not only compliment the look of the building, but prevent members of the public from walking too close to the overhanging design elements of the exterior façade. 

In addition to the deterrent paving, the project also required an attractive and durable paving solution for the main pedestrian approach, which would complement the futuristic design-led style of the building whilst ticking all the boxes for performance and durability.

Working in conjunction with Wardell Armstrong Landscape Architects, Charcon was selected as the manufacturer of choice for both the deterrent paving solution and main pedestrian approach.

Portuguese Granite, was supplied as the deterrent paving solution for the full perimeter of the building along with a substantial quantity of Andover Textured in Silver Fleck which was used to provide both a high quality main pedestrian approach to the arena whilst also complementing its futuristic metallic cladding.

Thanks to Charcon’s extensive portfolio of commercial paving solutions, Derby’s Multi-Sports Arena will now benefit from stylish, functional and durable paving which is sure to last for as long as the arena itself.

Project details

  • Bowmer & Kirkland

  • Tecniblock Ltd

  • Faulkner Brown Architects

  • Wardell Armstrong Landscape Architects

    • The futuristic building has a footprint of 14,500m2 or 156,000 sq ft
    • The regions first indoor velodrome and one of five nationwide
    • One of the UK’s first Olympic legacy projects to be carried out since London 2012.