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Continued growth of the airport facilities has lead to the requirement for additional car parking for both customers and staff.

Stormwater discharges from the site were restricted and there was the additional constraint of ensuring that any new development would not place a further burden on the existing stormwater network that discharged via a series of on-site balancing ponds. East Midlands Airport and the Environment Agency were also keen to develop sustainable solutions that had a minimal impact on the local environment.

Each car park was considered on its individual merits and different solutions were developed to optimise the characteristics at each location.


A combination of Aggregate Industries’ SuDS components were utilised including SuperDrainAsphalt, and a geocellular storage system to achieve cost-effective source control solutions that satisfied project-specific requirements.

Despite the relatively low impermeability rates for the underlying soils, partial infiltration systems were designed that would maximise the infiltration capacity whilst providing the desired level of flood risk protection.

The careful use of SuDS has meant that further growth can be accommodated with minimal impact on the existing drainage.

Project details

  • Environmental Protection Group Ltd

  • East Midlands Airport

  • Bardon Contracting

    • Varied sustainable solutions
    • Complete range of construction materials
    • High quality and best value products