Superflex Asphalt used to resurface the track from the race’s starting point, through park straight and around molecombe corner.



The Goodwood Estate was built in the 1600s and opened its doors to race enthusiasts in 1948 to host Britain’s very first post-war motor race meeting. The track’s complex history involved a painstaking restoration throughout the 1990s and in 1993 the Festival of Speed was established in the grounds of Goodwood Park. Over the last two decades, the festival has become world renowned and attracts the best drivers and vehicles, including the most current Formula 1 teams, Le Mans winners, racing motorcycles, and supercars.

With such world-class vehicles using the site, Goodwood needed a track surface capable of coping with the demands of high speed tyres to ensure maximum road safety for drivers taking part in the Festival of Speed.

Furthermore, it was imperative that the road surface had no centre joint in order to deliver the very finest driving experience for the road users.


We supplied 3920m2 of Superflex, which was used to resurface the track from the race’s starting point, through Park Straight and around Molecombe Corner.

Superflex is an exceptionally durable material, offering superior skid resistance, excellent fatigue properties and superb deformation resistance.

To ensure there was no centre joint, the team used two paving machines, which were run parallel to each other in order to deliver the desired finish.  

Project details

  • Road

  • Goodwood Estate

  • Tidey & Webb Ltd

    • 3920m2 of Superflex supplied
    • Resurfaced the famous starting point, Park Straight and around Molecombe Corner