Concrete Supplied To Lagan Bld Ltd & Twintec Ltd for the Heartland Developement.



Heartlands development is one of the largest regeneration projects taking place in Europe and is a mixed-use business, retail, residential and leisure destination. The site comprises of 610 hectares of land directly to the west of Whitburn and is halfway between Scotland’s two biggest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Aggregate Industries supplied various construction materials to Lagan Building Contractors to develop a new state-of-the-art facility for Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd. Work commenced on the project in February 2014, and was completed in February 2016. Manufacturing is transitioning to the newly constructed 240,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Heartlands and is expected to reduce costs and improve project execution efficiencies. 


The project total tonnage for Aggregates was 178,274 tonne and materials included 155,800 of sub-base & fills, 11,886 tonne of graded aggregate and 588 tonne of single sized aggregate. The concrete materials included 2,858 m3 of design mix, 867m3 of Watertight 20, 62m3 of Diamondcrete and 19m3 of F Screed. Twintec Ltd was supplied with 6,542m3 of C32/40 flooring mix.

Aggregate Industries met all the requirement of the client to provide products quickly and efficiently, demonstrating value for money and the right solution for their project at every stage.

Project details

  • Laga Bld Ltd and Twintec Ltd

  • Lagan Building Ltd

  • Private

    • Sub base and fills 165,800 tonne
    • Graded Aggregate – 11,886 tonne
    • Single Size Aggregate – 588 tonne
    • 3,806m3 Twintec Ltd
    • 6,542m C32/40 Flooring Mix
    • 2,858m3 Design Mix
    • 867m3 Watertight 20
    • 62m3 Diamondcrete
    • 19m3 F Screed