Traditional walling was used to differentiate new homes on this prestigeous housing development, whilst maintaining the tradition and feel of the surrounding area.



The Latham Park development by Bovis Homes is attractively situated in a peaceful setting on the outskirts of the delightful market town of Oundle.  The homes on this site were to be a mixture of sizes and designs, but still needed to stand out from the crowd.

Oundle is also an area where stone features as a construction material and the site at Latham Park needed to reflect this.


Bovis Homes have been able to retain the style and look of the  local Lincolnshire Limestone by using our Traditional walling blocks which is not only cost effective but is also aesthetically compatible with the natural stone historically used in the area.

The use of a our structural products range enabled construction using the existing skills of the workforce, with added benefits of little or no wastage on site.

Project details

  • Bovis Homes

  • Private Housing

  • Bovis Homes

  • Bovis Homes

    • Blending in with the limestone traditionally used
    • Adding to the percieved value of the properties