Bennett's Barges worked closely with several teams to deliver a highly precious cargo swiftly and safely for the London Eye.



The pods that are the passenger capsules for the world famous London Eye were transported on the final leg of their journey along the Thames by Bennett's Barges. The 32 pods were shipped from their manufacturers in France to Dartford International Freight Terminal, then loaded onto barges for the final 20 mile journey to the South Bank where they form the crowning glory at the British Airways site.

This unique operation demanded the same precision required for the complete assembly of the wheel itself in the planning and the execution of transporting the pods under 9 low level Thames bridges.


Each pod measured 18 metres long by 10 metres high and fitted 2 to a barge towed by tug "Argonaut" in the very narrow tidal window giving access to the construction site. The loaded barge could only move between Tower Bridge and Westminster when there was sufficient air-draft to float the structures under each bridge arch and enough water depth for the tug towing through.

The whole consignment was delivered in 2 weeks and highlights the unique role that river transportation can play in the movement of large bulky cargoes without any adverse effect to Londons already congested road network.

Project details

  • Transport/Logistics

    • Precision timing to safely transport
    • Excellent handling for precious cargo
    • Working with multiple organisations to deliver a successful project