Our Contracting and Traffic Management departments provided the ideal partners for the MVM project, due to their technical expertise and as solutions providers, to a large and complicated project.



We supported the MVM JV (Morgan Est/Vinci/Sir Robert McAlpine) in the execution of the M1 widening contract between Junctions 25 to 28 in the East Midlands.

Our Traffic Management and Contracting teams were appointed at tender stage to support MVM JV in both the pre-construction and execution of the works.

We  provided a broad traffic management service comprising temporary traffic management, temporary vehicle barriers, vehicle recovery, temporary CCTV monitoring and speed detection; using experienced in-house resources and supply chain partners.

Our Contracting team provided an asphalt pavement solution for the construction of an extra lane in each direction; requiring close liaison and co-ordination with other major activities taking place on this project. Asphalt for the project was provided from Aggregate Industries' Bardon Hill Quarry.


During the pre-construction stage of the project, we provided technical expertise in traffic management and pavement construction to assist the finalisation of scheme designs and programme phasing of the works.

The Traffic Management team maintained a constant presence on site since works commenced providing routine maintenance, major phase changeovers and emergency response services along the route of the works.

Our Contractors attended the project in key phases providing high volume outputs peaking at up to 50,000 tonnes in a single month. Robust controls in the co-ordination of our internal supply chain facilitated the efficient delivery of the works, whilst maintaining the very high standards of quality for the manufacturing and laying of asphalt materials.

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    • Easy accessibility to technical information and customer service
    • We supplied a one-stop shop for all needs
    • Worked with multiple teams to ensure a successful project