This scheme is a continuation of the Highways Agency programme of upgrading the M1 central reserve barrier to concrete. This improves road worker safety and facilitates continuation of the Smart Motorway Programme.



Phase 2 comprises resurfacing lanes 1, 2 and the hard shoulder north and south bound, between junctions 28 and 31 on the M1. Lane 3 was resurfaced under phase 1. In future these will be lanes 1-4 for Smart Motorway all-lane running. Works are in night-time lane closures within Traffic Management provided by others and slip road closures when required. 

Aggregate Industries was awarded an £18.7m planing and surfacing package by Costain under the Highways England Category Management Pavement Framework. Works include varying depths of reconstruction; up to 400mm in the old hard shoulder, including re-profiling to eliminate adverse camber on the hard shoulder.

We have previously completed Phase 1 of the same scheme – surfacing to central reserve barrier and lane 3 as well as repairs to the hard shoulder.

There have been delays to the scheme caused by factors outside of our control and we have worked closely with Costain and Highways England to minimise the impact of these issues. The main consequence has been to split the works into two phases and delay overall completion from December 2015 to March 2016.


To meet the programme we used two pavers, one on each carriageway, with up to 800t material laid each night. This was necessary as both carriageways had to be completed concurrently to align with the communication infrastructure programme. The completion of the communications work released the Varioguard for removal and this allowed surfacing to be carried out under lane closures. 


The location of motorway junctions meant we were able to use a single set of tack coat and joint painting resource to service both pavers. The junctions also enabled us to easily redirect planings removal vehicles to either planer and maximise resource utilisation.

Collaborative Working

A key factor in the success of the project was the continuing high level of co-operation between Costain and Aggregate Industries and between Aggregate Industries and our supply chain, in particular Tripod Crest our cold milling partner. We continue to review the process and working methods to identify further opportunities to improve output.

Frequent progress meetings with Costain ensured that programmes remained aligned and maximised collaboration. 



Project details

  • Highways England

  • March 2015

  • March 2016

  • Used integrated sprayjet paver to maximise laying windows