Aggregate Industries extended and resurfaced the world’s largest traditional sports car manufacturer's handling circuit.



The world’s largest traditional sports car manufacturer took the decision to extend its handling circuit to accommodate the latest innovations in luxury sports car performance and enhance the customer driving experience.

The refurbishment would see an additional 300 metres of driving space, with longer straights and more exciting corners which would really showcase the market leading technology on offer in today's market.

Supercar driving experience days are a popular gift for those seeking a high speed thrill at the wheel of one of the most sought-after cars on the road. Safety was paramount for the refurbishment of the track with exacting industry standards in place to ensure the new circuit was suitable for use. To meet these requirements, the client would require the very best in subbase materials as well as asphalt which was fit for purpose, in what was a particularly demanding application.

Furthermore, due to popularity and track demand, the refurbishment works had to be completed as quickly as possible in order to minimise downtime.


Working closely with civil and ground works specialists, Forkers, Aggregate Industries was able to offer a bespoke transportation and delivery solution capable of meeting the tight deadlines of the project.

Delivering 30Kt of type 1 subbase in three tightly scheduled slots was no mean feat. The first 14,000 tonnes arrived over a three week period in January, a further 8,000 tonne delivery was sent over two weeks in February and a final 8,000 tonnes was delivered within a fortnight in March.

Once the subbase was successfully laid and compacted, Aggregate Industries provided over 4000 tonne of 20mm dense binder course used to adhere a top layer of specifically formulated 10mm Prix-Mat – a professionally formulated material designed to meet the traction needs of a racetrack.

Pre-mat has been created by a dedicated team of Aggregate Industries specialists for the motor racing sector and combines a uniform texture depth and high grip particle construction, to deliver a highly durable surface suitable for high-performance motor vehicles.

To complement the new professional driving surface, a further 120 tonne of 10mm Superflex Poly Modified Binder was provided to complete a smaller car storage area.

Aggregate Industries has worked with Forkers on a number of high profile jobs and was selected from a competitive tender process for this project because of its track record for delivering large quantities of specialist material through bespoke just-in-time delivery solutions.

Project details

  • Sports and Leisure

  • Leading sports car manufacturer 

  • Forkers

    • Delivering 30Kt of type 1 subbase in three tightly scheduled slots.
    • 4000 tonne of 20mm dense binder course material.
    • A top layer of specifically formulated 10mm Prix-Mat racetrack material.