Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Club modernises its' 27 hole course with Levenseat ProBunker 13.



Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Club is one of North East England’s golfing treasures and is said to be the most exciting risk and reward golf resort in the region.

At the beginning of 2013, the Golf Club set about extending and modernising its 27 hole course, utilising an expanse of adjoining land previously purchased. After careful planning, it was decided that by completely re-configuring the layout of the course, the club could offer its guests an all new, 36 hole experience.

Throughout the construction of the new course, it was imperative that the standard of works and the materials chosen for the job were top-end to represent the club’s position within the sport.

One such product, requiring specific consideration was the bunker sand, and supplier Border Sports, a market-leading provider of sports turf and associated materials, was on hand to select the best product for the project.


Levenseat ProBunker 13, from Aggregate Industries, is a high-quality sports sand with impressive free drainage capabilities, which has been specifically designed for use on golf courses.

With superior compaction and inherent stain-free qualities, it was sure to stand the test of time on the new course.

Ramside Hall was no stranger to using sand from the Levenseat Quarry in Bathgate, South East of Glasgow, but had some initial reservations as to the quality of the product.

The client felt that prior to Aggregate Industries purchasing the quarry in 2012, the quality of the sand had reduced – an obvious concern in the creation of a brand new golf course. Border Sports were able to reassure them that under the ownership of Aggregate Industries, the Levenseat ProBunker 13 sand was back to its former high-quality standards and was in fact, out-performing the rest of the market.

Filling the bunkers took around six weeks throughout the summer of 2014 and the team at Ramside Hall are so delighted with the results, they plan to specify Levenseat ProBunker 13 sand when they refurbish the rest of the course over the coming years.

Project details

  • Ramside Hall and Golf Club

  • Border Sports Services Ltd 

  • Sports and Leisure

  • ProBunker 13, is a high-quality sports sand specifically designed for golf courses with superior compaction and inherent stain-free qualities.


It’s reassuring to know that I can recommend Aggregate Industries’ products with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the product quality, service and delivery solutions will always be of the highest order.

Neil Thompson
Border Sports