Blackhill Quarry in Devon provides the perfect material for bound surface layers around Windsor Castle estate.



Built in the 11th Century, Windsor Castle is the largest occupied palace in Europe and remains an official residence of Queen Elizabeth and her husband. 

The castle is surrounded by substantial grounds including walled gardens, agricultural land and Windsor Great Park which covers just under 5,000 acres and over 50km of road ways. A key feature of the deer park is ‘the long walk’, a 2.64 mile straight path from Snow Hill to the castle gates. 

The long walk path is still used by royal carriages and is a must see attraction for many of the 900,000 tourists who visit Windsor each year. 

To ensure the long walk is kept in top condition, The Occupied Royal Palaces Estate manages a rolling annual maintenance programme. With such high footfall from tourists, not to mention the thousands of joggers who use the path each week, it is imperative that the new surface is as hard wearing as possible.


For more than half a decade, Aggregate Industries has been selected to supply around 500 tonne per year of 4/10mm SD chippings for the annual path and roadway resurfacing programme. 

The durable material is shipped direct from Aggregate’s Blackhill Quarry in Woodbury, Devon, before being spread and rolled into a thin layer of bituminous binder.

Each year, the contracting team are only allowed a small window in which to resurface the identified area of pathway, giving Aggregate Industries just three days to deliver vast quantities of chippings to site. With 170 miles between Windsor Great Park and the point of manufacture, the Aggregate Industries team work closely with a local artic haulier to get the job done.

With a track record of providing high quality materials fit for royalty, Aggregate Industries has had a number of enquiries from other royal residences needing a walking and driving surface as durable as the one at Windsor Castle.

Project details

  • Windsor Castle

  • Hazell and Jefferies

  • Surfacing

    • Bespoke appearance, high quality surface dressing
    • Highest levels of product quality and service supplied for Royal project
    • Close working relationship with contractors to provide long-term solution