Superlasting asphalt supplied and laid at Bromsgrove County Council.



Worcestershire County Council was keen to progress the use of low temperature asphalt technology to support their carbon reduction strategy. Three sites were located in the Catshill area of Bromsgrove as demonstration trials. 


Aggregate Industries technical teams developed Superlasting  asphalt a patented* sustainable, micro foamed mix process that provides the engineering performance of hot mix asphalt yet is produced and laid at reduced temperatures thereby extending the predicted service life. 

The sites were re-surfaced over a three day period during using Superlasting AC 14mm 40/60 with a 65PSV aggregate

Supplies travelled in excess of 2 hours from Haughmond Quarry in Shropshire to the site which would be at the extreme end of acceptable for traditional hot mix asphalt. However the low temperature asphalt lost less than 3ºC  in transit from it production low temperature, reducing the ageing effects and extending the working window and likely service life.

The sites which included a busy bus route received a 40mm plane and overlay using an AC14 surface course with 65PSV aggregate to achieve its texture and skid resistance criteria.

The Ringway surfacing contractor crew utilised traditional surfacing plant and equipment. They  commented that the low temperature asphalt mixture handled, laid and compacted much like any regular asphalt but the most noticeable difference was the lack of fume emitted.

Eighteen months on, evaluation of the materials performance characteristics and visual assessment indicate a significant likely increase in service life. 

Project details

  • Roads

  • Worcestershire county council 

  • Ringway Infrastructure Services 

    • Sustainable micro foamed mix process
    • Engineering performance of hot mix asphalt, produced and laid at reduced temperatures
    • Extended durability

Low energy asphalt use it, and use it often. We aim to use a minimum of 20% of low energy asphalt throughout the West Midland Highway Alliance.

Keith Gordon
Assistant Director Efficiency and Delivery