Leading building materials supplier Aggregate Industries is set to revolutionise sports pitch construction and maintenance with the launch of Pro Pitch Elite – an infill sand proven to have the best drainage rates available to the UK market.


Unveiled by the company’s Garside Sands division, the innovative Pro Pitch Elite infill sand has been specifically designed to include larger rounded particles in order to provide superior void space through the playing surface of synthetic sport pitches exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The new product will be sold alongside the company’s existing Pro Pitch 2EW sand, the UK’s best-selling high-performance infill sand, which outperforms it nearest competitors, and remains the product of choice for the leading synthetic sports contractors.

The launch of Pro Pitch Elite comes as a recent study found that extreme weather conditions are having a detrimental impact on the UK’s favourite sports. Certain areas of the UK experience rainfall at 300% of the national average, yet pitch design and infill materials do not reflect the variations.

Luckily help is at hand with Pro Pitch Elite, which drains 25% faster than Pro Pitch 2EW, and a record 116% better than the most popular competitor sand available on.

Tom Wise, general manager at Garside Sands, Aggregate Industries, said: “With the UK experiencing six of the seven wettest years on record since 2000 and record-breaking wet winters in 2014 and 20152, it’s no surprise that extreme weather conditions are a growing concern when it comes to the construction and maintenance of synthetic sports pitches.

“As such, this has spurred us into our laboratory to design and rigorously test our biggest product innovation in more than twenty years. As a result we can launch Pro Pitch Elite, the ideal solution for enhancing and sustaining sport facilities by ensuring playability all year round, even in areas of extreme rainfall.”

The Pro Pitch range recently proved its unrivalled credentials during independent lab testing which found Pro Pitch Elite drained 116% better than the most popular competitor sand available, while the high-performance Pro Pitch 2EW sand boasted its own absorbent characteristics - draining 44% better than the same competitor sand.

Tom adds: “Due to its technical grading, ProPitch Elite has been proven to aid with effective drainage, even outperforming our market leading Pro Pitch 2EW infill sand, as demonstrated during robust lab testing. For sports clubs looking to provide first class playing surfaces, even in extreme weather conditions, this revolutionary solution will not disappoint.” 

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