Construction materials supplier and road surfacing contractor Aggregate Industries, is officially the only contractor in the UK to be able to offer the innovative Titan ABG heavy duty paver – cementing the company’s position as one of the leaders in contracting services.

Titan ABG

The Titan ABG heavy duty paver is the only equipment of its kind in Europe that is capable of laying asphalt and hydraulically bound mixtures up to 13m wide and 300mm thick in a single layer.

As the only company with exclusive UK rights to the Titan ABG paver, Aggregate Industries has the unique capability to lay any asphalt, or hydraulically bound mixture across a full carriageway width in one pass - eradicating joints associated with two standard sized paving machines laying in echelon. 

Paddy Murphy, Managing Director of Contracting Services at Aggregate Industries said: “As an organisation that is committed to safety of our employees, product innovation and providing the best possible service, it was important for us to make this investment in the fleet of Titan ABG pavers.

“Not only does this type of paver reduce health & safety risks associated with the need for multiple pavers and gangs working in close proximity, but they help to eliminate additional joints in the surface (improving the surface finish for travelling public) and reducing time by laying at increased depths and covering wider sections, whilst keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.“The introduction of the Titan ABG Paver to the UK will help to move the highways surfacing industry forward at a time when the government is making substantial investments in this area.”

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