Broom Leys Allotment Society has received a welcome boost from Aggregate Industries, a leading player in the construction and infrastructure industries, after receiving £5,500 in funding to improve the community facility, promote healthy eating and enhance biodiversity and the local environment.


The funding has been awarded to Broom Leys Allotment Society from Aggregate Industries’ Bardon Community Fund, which was set up in 2017 to support local community initiatives around Bardon Hill Quarry. The company has committed £400,000 to support local causes over 10 years, with £40,000 of the fund released annually which is available to applicable local projects such as community centres, voluntary groups, charities and other community initiatives that could make a difference to local people.

Broom Leys Allotment Society was chosen as a beneficiary, with £5,500 going towards on-site storage, installation of a compost toilet, disabled access, fencing and butterfly houses, as well as general improvements and support for the organisation in promoting healthy eating and enhancing biodiversity in the local area.

Alan Turner from Broom Leys Allotment Society, said: “We are thrilled to receive the funding as part of Aggregate Industries’ Bardon Community Fund. With the improvements we have planned, we’re looking forward to working together with the community to demonstrate the importance of local ecosystems and engaging with the environment.”

Kirsten Hannaford-Hill, Estates Surveyor at Aggregate Industries, said: “We’re committed to supporting the local community and we’re delighted to provide Broom Leys Allotment Society with funding that will allow them to make such significant improvements to the allotments, which will have long-lasting benefits to those that use them.”

The Bardon Community Fund invites local organisations, charities and groups around the Bardon Hill Quarry area, which make an important difference in the community to apply for a portion of the annual £40,000 fund.

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