Aggregate Industries, a leading player in the construction and infrastructure industries, has launched its 2018 Innovation Strategy, which sets out its priorities for the year ahead and beyond.  

Richard Wilks, Head of Innovation

The key areas of this conference include Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR), Digital Engineering, Smart Materials, Offsite Construction and Blockchain.

François Pétry, Chief Executive Officer at Aggregate Industries, commented: “We chose to focus our energies on these innovations due to their potential to positively impact our sector. For example, smart materials could be revolutionary, especially for construction, as they will enable companies to look beyond just functionality and into a world where materials can provide a range of additional benefits.”

In line with the launch of the Innovation Strategy, Aggregate Industries held its annual Innovation Workshop, hosted by Loughborough University. Senior Managers from across the business and LafargeHolcim Group were present, together with key stakeholders, to collaborate with academics to identify viable commercial opportunities within each of the key strategic areas.

François added: “To be truly innovative, we must work together to think beyond products and focus on potential applications which could bring benefits to our customers and also improvements to our own operations. The Innovation Workshop allowed us to do this and to learn from and engage with academics from outside the construction sector who are leading the way within the innovation areas we are committed to pursue as a forward-thinking business.

“Looking ahead, there is no doubt that our innovation journey will be underpinned by digital transformation; supported by technology and empowered by data, as we and our customers operate in an increasingly digital environment.”

Professor Jacqueline Glass of Loughborough University, who leads the Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering, facilitated the Workshop, and was pleased with the results. She commented: “The workshop was very productive, with participants identifying a raft of high-potential projects across a range of technology areas that my academic colleagues and I are confident will lead to innovative outcomes for the company. We have a track record of delivering cross-disciplinary collaborative research with companies like Aggregate Industries, so I am delighted that our joint event with them was so successful.” 

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