Our contracting department utilised off-the-job teams to provide emergency supply chain support whilst snowfall and sub-zero temperatures put pressure on local authorities during January. As multiple councils struggled to clear snow and reported a possible shortage of road salt in the upcoming days, we stepped in with essential logistics and man power assistance.

In the first two weeks of January, the company provided haulage to collect and deliver a large volume of rock salt from Salt Union to contracts across the UK, as well as providing a team of operatives to clear snow from pedestrian areas within long-term contracts.

Contracting, part of Aggregate Industries UK, also worked with sister business Yeoman Asphalt to deliver sharp sand as a rock salt replacement to customer depots.

Mike Archer, managing director of the Contracting department said; “Extreme conditions, such as those experienced across the UK in January, rigorously test supply chain partnerships. Teamwork and flexibility is at the heart of Contracting’s client approach and together with the support of our own reliable suppliers, we were pleased to be able to assist.

“In-house capabilities such as Yeoman Asphalt, allows Aggregate Industries Contracting to provide clients with fast and effective solutions. We have been working with multiple local authorities since the New Year on large numbers of pothole repairs and road maintenance jobs.”

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