Aggregate Industries has introduced a new and improved on-site induction process, which is currently being piloted at its Express Asphalt plant at Croft in Leicestershire, as the business takes yet another step forward in improving health and safety on-site.

Express Asphalt truck

As part of the induction, new customers will be shown a short two-minute health & safety video. The video gives customers a visual insight of where they should go whilst on siteand helps navigate them through their journey, from loading at the plant, to where to go for sheeting up.

Following the success of the new video on-site induction, Express Asphalt aim to further roll out this induction process across all of its other sites throughout the year.

Duncan Reaney, General Manager of Express Asphalt, said: “Health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Aggregate Industries, and, as such, we are continuously looking at ways to improve our processes on-site.

“Our Express Asphalt plants can become very busy area during peak periods and as such it is crucial that customers know what they are doing and are in-and-out fairly quickly in order to ensure a smooth operation and no health and safety mishaps.

“The video is a way for us to help to give our customers a more detailed, interactive induction to the plant, as well as advanced visibility of where they need to go on-site. The fact that all customers get exactly the same induction and guidelines goes a long way when managing high volumes of activity and lorries on-site.”

Since being rolled-out last month the new induction video has been seen by over 100 Express Asphalt customers.

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