Aggregate Industries, the leading building materials supplier, is encouraging contractors and building specifiers to “look beyond black” and make better use of innovative asphalt materials amid a growing appetite for coloured asphalt across the UK


With the UK government, under its cycling and walking investment strategy (CWIS), pledging over £1.2bn to expand the nation’s cycling facilities, asphalt materials that can offer colour demarcation have become increasingly recognised as one of the most appropriate surfacing choices for cycleways.

As such, Aggregate Industries is reminding contractors working on such road projects to look beyond the specification of standard asphalt and make use of the benefits of more specialist materials offering a wide variety of colours and applications.

Victoria Smith, General Manager of Express Asphalt at Aggregate Industries, comments: “Typically, when people think of asphalt, they think of the standard black variety. However, as modern construction practices and building design has evolved, so has the choice of asphalt with today’s market offering an explosion of colours and design to meet virtually every conceivable requirement.

“Indeed, recent years have seen a marked investment in public infrastructure such as parks and natural spaces, bus lanes and cycleways, where aesthetic appeal is now just as important as functionality and performance. And with black asphalt no longer always sufficient to meet the brief, there’s now a mounting onus on contractors to leverage the latest innovations in coloured asphalt to achieve the desired results.”

According to Aggregate Industries there is a rising appetite for its innovative SuperColour® range of high-performance distinctly coloured asphalts, particularly in large cities and urban landscapes, where it is increasingly used for private drives, bus lanes, cycle lanes, sports landscaping and parks and natural areas.

To keep up with soaring demand, the company has recently expanded supply of its coloured asphalt products beyond its Doncaster and Bristol plants, to its Hertford depot. In June, Aggregate Industries also opened a dedicated new sampling lab at its Doncaster Express Asphalt plant, which guarantees a quick turnaround of samples for customers looking to test the SuperColour range’s extensive colour capabilities.

Victoria adds: "Pushing the envelope has always been a key aspect of our industry and is what makes the UK surfacing market one of the most advanced in the world. That’s why, for building contractors, local authorities and developers, facing greater pressure to meet ever-challenging and unique specifications, it’s never been a more apt time to look beyond black when it comes to asphalt specification.

“With its unique colour capabilities, coloured asphalt offers clear safety benefits and aesthetic appeal for a wide range of applications that require colour differentiation. For those looking to make the most of this, our new sampling labs allow contractors to test a bespoke range of different asphalt materials and colours until they find the solution that meets their needs.”


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