As the growing seasons blend into summer, Aggregate Industries are hoping for an early harvest of our own.


Over the last few days, we have learned that a number of our sites across the UK have been shortlisted for awards recognising our work promoting biodiversity and restoring habitats through our interests in sustainability. 

Projects which have been recognised include work with the Conservation Volunteers (TCV) in Scotland and with the RSPB in the South West.  

Here at the biodiversity and restoration department, we recognise that our site plans are ambitious. It’s good to know others agree our work is positive and to see our community partners given the recognition they deserve. 

We’ve learned too that recognition helps to promote a sense of healthy competition between sites. That tension encourages creativity, and working towards innovative results in conservation management: whether that means finding new ways to recycle onsite material into bird boxes, or our colleagues learning more about the species particular to their site.  

While we wait to find out how our nominations progress, we’re continuing to work on Biodiversity Benchmarking and are currently working towards accreditation for three more sites around the UK. 

Progress will take us over 4050 hectares of directly managed land (40.5km2) certified to Wildlife Trusts standard for continual improvement in biodiversity. An area larger than Blackpool, this is a source of pride in itself, constituting 0.016% of total UK land mass.

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