Aggregate Industries’ popular red asphalt has surpassed all expectations during recent renovation works at Leicester Market, as part of a major scheme to upgrade the city’s largest open-air market.


Under the latest phase of a five-year regeneration of the area, the £1.9m redevelopment of the market will see the construction of a new food hall, the demolition of the old 1970s indoor market and the creation of a new public square.

With much of the project’s funds going towards creating better routes through the market, for main contractor Premier Road Surfacing, a key requirement was sourcing high-quality surfacing materials that would make the roads in the area look cleaner, brighter and more appealing.

Hence the firm looked to Aggregate Industries’ asphalt division, which suggested the use of its innovative SuperColour range, a collection of distinctly coloured high-performance asphalts, which can be tailored to produce a bespoke solution in line with a project’s unique specification.

In this instance, the asphalt team were initially called upon to design a solution of standard black asphalt mixed with coloured red hot rolled asphalt (HRA). However, after testing the mix, the Aggregate Industries team were not satisfied with the materials’ travelling distance, recommending the use of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) instead.

Overall, Aggregate Industries supplied 109 tonnes of red SuperColour asphalt using a 10mm aggregate, alongside 20 tonnes each of AC, 20mm dense binder course and 10mm close graded surface course. As a result, the roads around Market Place were upgraded to provide a clean and welcoming aesthetic, while ensuring the highest standard in performance.

To deliver these specialist materials required Aggregate Industries’ Bardon Hill site in Leicestershire to co-ordinate with the Doncaster Express Asphalt depot, opening on Sunday over two consecutive weekends to accommodate the supply.

Charlie West, Territory Sales Manager at Aggregate Industries, said: “The prominent refurbishment of Leicester Market is the cornerstone to improving access and infrastructure in and around the city centre and clearly required a tailored approach to asphalt specification. With a selection of high performance asphalt blends at our disposal, including different colours and performance properties, we’re incredibly proud that our bespoke SuperColour solution proved the winning formula in creating a cleaner, brighter road surface which will no doubt last for years to come.”

Jordan Corcoran, Senior Quantity Surveyor at Premier Road Surfacing, said: “Due to the complex nature of this refurbishment programme, which involved the resurfacing of many busy roads leading into the city centre and Leicester Market, it was vital for us to work with a supplier that could meet the project’s unique colour and performance specifications.

“Aggregate Industries didn’t disappoint. Providing a seamless service throughout, the firm ensured a first class supply of the best coloured asphalts available, which alongside their technical and professional expertise helped us to achieve a fantastic result.”

Aggregate Industries’ marketing-leading SuperColour asphalt range boasts a wide choice of coloured asphalt surfaces, including red, green and yellow, designed to harmonise with site surroundings.

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