Interview with Alan Ferguson – Ipswich Town FC.


Once again, Ipswich Town football club choose to use Garside Sands Iron Sand from Leighton Buzzard for their Topdressing and Pitch renovation at both The Portman Road Stadium and their Playford Lane training facility.

Garside sands

They annually use 120 tonnes at the stadium and approximately 700 tonnes at the training academy. Head Groundsman, Alan Ferguson comments;

The natural land here is a beautiful sandy loam and it would have been criminal not too have used the best and most compatible sand for the job.

After extensive testing, we selected Garside Sands so that the stability, compatibility and natural balances of the surface retained its integrity. The sand is perfect for renovating and “freshening up” the upper Rootzone after heavy wear and tear and because of the compatibility there is no bridging throughout the Rootzone.

Garside Sands have been supplying our sand over the past four years and we have an excellent working relationship with Sales Manager John Holmes, the technical back up and support teams. This is crucial at the professional end of the market when you are delivering first class facilities week in and week out.