Minimising the on-site risk from deliveries requires Aggregate Industries, our delivery drivers and our customers to cooperate and effectively work together.

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Many accidents can occur throughout the construction process, from groundworks to finishing works. Managers, workers, site visitors and the public can all be at risk if construction vehicle activities are not properly managed and controlled.

Aggregate Industries delivers a range of construction products (aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete, precast products and cement) to thousands of construction sites every year and we acknowledge that our delivery vehicles add risk.

The HSE recognise that communication, cooperation and planning are crucial in achieving safe deliveries. So, we have worked with the Mineral Products Association (MPA) to create a comprehensive ‘Driver’s Handbook’ which puts every aspect of driver best practice in one place. It has been developed for drivers of all industry delivery vehicles to help them understand and manage the risks that they face and indeed, may create, when driving and operating delivery vehicles.  

MPA Driver's Handbook

Covered within the MPA's Driver's Handbook are the following areas of guidance;

  • Driver - from training and competency to fitness and health.
  • Vehicle - including safety features of tippers, mixers, tankers and others plus inspection and maintenance. 
  • Site operation - providing instruction on a comprehensive range of risk areas.

Download your copy of the Driver's handbook here

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