Charcon Construction Solution's integrated approach to construction enables timely and cost effective completion of projects across the UK.




Manufactured components and precast products

Charcon Construction Solutions offer a faster, smarter and stronger approach to integrated building by providing innovative offsite manufactured components and precast products for most stages of construction.

The company is ideally placed to serve most projects and specialises in the housing, healthcare, education, industrial and commercial sectors.

Charcon offers solutions to include technical and operational support, design and contracting services, provision of locally sourced building products where possible and installation. It strives to reduce build costs by establishing a client’s needs right from the start and manufacturing key construction elements off site for delivery when required.
A range of Construction Solutions are offered in the following areas:

  • Flooring
  • Access


Charcon Construction Solutions became a wholly owned business unit of Aggregate Industries in November 2015, having previously traded as a joint venture business from June 2009.

The JV was an incorporation of a variety of separate smaller businesses with a long history in the manufacture and delivery of precast products, systems and services.

As a result a large proportion of Charcon Construction employees have been involved in the design, supply and installation of precast concrete products for many years and have unrivalled experience in servicing this sector.


Our vision. Our Mission. 

Our vision

It is the aim of Charcon Construction Solutions (CCS) to be best in class; delivering high quality, robust and reliable products and services. Improving the speed, safety and quality of building structures in an efficient, sustainable manner for the future of both, the industry, and end user.

Our mission

  1. To drive construction efficiency and deliver better structural solutions for building in a faster, stronger, smarter way.
  2. To enable our clients to deliver projects within a significantly reduced time frame with improved accuracy, safer build processes and longer term durability.
  3. To develop offsite manufacturing capabilities to provide complete solutions using the proven benefits of precast concrete whilst striving to make more efficient use of local materials and onsite resources.

Building for the future

Building for the future is at the heart of Charcon Construction Solutions and its innovative product range designed with sustainability in mind.

It is not enough to cater for present needs, but to consider future generations and how the buildings we construct now will work in their world.

Charcon Construction Solutions' products are manufactured using energy efficient processes and with a high proportion of recycled and reclaimed content. Wherever possible, locally sourced raw materials are used to reduce the carbon footprint caused by transportation and energy use.

The concrete construction products manufactured and supplied by Charcon Construction Solutions are long lasting and energy efficient. The very nature of concrete ensures products that have excellent thermal properties, thereby making the control of and costs relating to comfortable indoor temperatures more efficient.

Concrete is also durable, secure and provides natural fire resistance and sound proofing qualities, making it a safe and comfortable option for sustainable buildings.

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