Lytag can be used to reduce the weight and improve the finish of precast elements. Resulting in more units per delivery reducing the environmental impact.


Lytag can be used in structural concrete reducing overall weight by up to 32% giving an overall density from 1650kg/m3 while not affecting its strength.

Lytag® lightweight aggregate's shape and regular grading make it an ideal medium for land and roof drainage applications.

Lytag is used extensively in back fill and level raising. Utilising lytag reduces vehicle deliveries vs regular aggregate as well as reducing pressure on any retaining walls or slabs.

Lytag can be used in various grades to produce medium dense paint grade blocks. Using lytag also increases the thermal performance making it an excellent fit in the block market.

Lytag screed can be used internally or externally for both commerical and residential projects. Lytag screed provides a 50% weight reduction vs traditional screed as well as curing significantly quicker.