Lytag-Precast (Microsite)

Lytag within precast concrete can reduce the density by 32 whilst not affecting its strength. More units can therefore be added to a delivery

Features and benefits

Strong - Lytag provides the same level of structural integrity as natural aggregate concrete so it can be used in exactly the same way
Logistics - More Lytag concrete precast units than natural aggregate ones can be transported per vehicle
Lytag®’s lighter weight makes larger precast units possible than with natural aggregate concrete
Manual handling - Lytag precast units are quicker and safer to lay compared with natural aggregate concrete units
  • Aggregate Industries
  • Lytag
  • Concrete
  • Buildings
  • Education and healthcare
  • High-rise
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
Product category
  • Building products
  • Staircases, flooring and foundations
  • Stairs and landings
  • Lightweight aggregates
  • Light

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