Our lightweight aggregates from Lytag® are made from fly ash generated by coal fired power stations. Our technology heats the fly ash to 1,100°C to create a hard pellet, with a honeycombed internal structure. Which can then be used as a superior, lightweight aggregate which is up to 50% lighter than natural aggregate.
18 products

18 products

Rip Rap
Available in 300-500mm and 500-700mm, also known to some as armour stone and rock armour.
Pitching stone
Used as a walling stone some also use this for a larger option when filling gabion baskets.
Gabion Stone
Our Gabion stone, is Glensanda Granite sized 90-180mm and meets EN 13383-1:2002, and other sizes of rock armour are available
Precast Lytag
Lytag within precast concrete can reduce the density by 32% whilst not affecting its strength. More units can therefore be added to a delivery.
Sportag® is a sustainable, lightweight drainage material used extensively on golf course fairways and greens as well as all other sports playing fields.
Lytacrete reduces the weight of structural concrete and can be pumped to any height and achieve a high quality finish.
LytaFill is a specialist bulk fill developed by Lytag® that can be used bonded or unbonded for maximum flexibility.
Using Lytag® in screed systems can reduce weight by around 50%.