Introducing Low Temperature Asphalt; a complete range of asphalt products* mixed and delivered at 30°- 40° lower than hot mix asphalt – giving you a more sustainable solution that also offers clear time and cost benefits.


Features & benefits


Low Temperature Asphalt requires less energy to manufacture than conventional asphalt, giving a lower carbon footprint.


This low temperature asphalt reaches trafficking temperatures quicker than conventional hot asphalt enabling earlier reopening of carriageways to the travelling public, resulting in less traffic disruption and reduced build cost.


Even at lower temperatures LTA remains highly compactable for longer, allowing more time for full compaction and delivering enhanced performance and durability. 

Longer lasting

Lower asphalt temperatures during production reduces binder ageing and enhances in service life expectancy.


Lower asphalt temperatures reduce nuisance fuming and steam at the project site which can impact on visibility.

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