A durable, coloured asphalt, SuperColour Exposed is a product that gains its colour by exposing the natural colour of the coursing aggregates used in the mix. The High Velocity Impact Method (HVIM) shot-blasting process we use allows us to remove the surface bitumen left 4-6 weeks after application, in order to sufficiently expose the colour of the aggregates.

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Features and benefits

Aesthetically pleasing

Surface can be refreshed to rejuvenate the natural colour

Various bitumen grades can be used to satisfy a range of traffic scenarios

Laid using the same method as regular asphalts

Does not require the expensive cleaning process needed for other conventional, pigmented materials

Available in gold, red, green and gravel colours.

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Product information

  • Performance asphalt product portfolio (pdf, 11.82 MB)
  • SuperColour courtyard surface overlay (pdf, 514.7 KB)
  • SuperColour housing estates crossroads (pdf, 9.73 MB)
  • SuperColour Swatchbook (pdf, 18.79 MB)

SuperColour Exposed Information Sheet (pdf, 762.16 KB)

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