Concrete Motorway Barriers

We develop, manufacture, supply and install permanent and temporary concrete road safety barriers which comply with EN 1317-2 to the UK road market

Features and benefits

Performance – Safety On Site
  • 42m per precast delivery truck which helps reduce vehicle movements per metre installed

  • Improves travelling public safety and minimises on site disruption through fewer truck

  • movements into and out of site from Lane 3

  • Labour requirements for precast operations include 1 no. excavator driver + 3 operatives

  • Minimal number of operatives exposed to traffic risk

Performance – Delivery
  • Production output at 84m per hour
  • Lean construction – ‘off site’ manufacture
  • Production line installation process which promotes efficiency through;
  • Reliability
  • Repetitiveness
  • Safety
  • Minimal plant & equipment
  • Improved working space and visibility
  • Can install from multiple positions to suit the site environment at any given time
  • Flexibility to switch machine install position which allows free passage of site vehicles through the work area as required
  • Precast installation not weather dependent – cold or wet conditions
  • Other free standing precast systems can be connected to form MCPs and ECPs
  • Easily connected to adjacent steel systems using precast transition units
  • Programme requirements need to be aligned to an appropriate lead time for precast manufacture
Performance – Cost
  • Potential programme savings = reduced preliminary costs
  • ‘2 in 1’ – Can be used as a temporary barrier in traffic management layout prior to final installation in central reserve = reduced temporary barrier costs
  • Improved workload and commitment to precast will drive cost reduction and future innovation in products
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through volume
  • Reduced haulage costs through programme
  • Product development resulting in lower cost base and quicker to install products
Performance – Quality
  • Certainty of quality for precast materials, finishes and fit
  • Manufactured in factory controlled conditions
  • CE Marked
  • Quality checks made in factory environment to optimise ‘on site’ efficiency
  • Right first time approach
Performance – Environment
  • Precast promotes a reduction in site waste with no flushing/cleaning or waste concrete generated

  • Lower CO² emissions due to reduced truck movements per metre of barrier installed

  • Manufacturing plants committed to responsible sourcing of materials – BES 6001

  • ‘Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products’

Performance – Life Cycle Maintenance
  • When necessary precast units can be easily replaced after vehicle impact damage

  • Can be replaced on 1 no. shift through simple removal and replacement of damaged units

  • Crash tested repair – ‘like for like’ replacement of units

  • During barrier installation sections of barrier can be lifted out to create temporary crossing under standard RAMS to help manage unexpected site access issues.

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  • Concrete
  • Infrastructure
  • Roads
Product category
  • Ready mix concrete

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