Bespoke beam and block system composed of prestressed concrete beams - available in various profiles - with standard building blocks laid in between.

BES 6001    CE marking

Features and benefits

Quick installation

Installation is quick and can be carried out by the Charcon Construction Solutions team if required. There is no need to wait for concrete slabs to cure and once grouted, floors form a ready to work base for follow on trades

Naturally fire resistant

As with all Charcon precast concrete products, block and beam flooring is naturally fire resistant and achieves the thermal insulation values required by Building Regulations when combined with appropriate finishes

Can incorporate additional flooring solutions such as sand or screed

The top surface of the beam and block floor is suitable for the application of sand/concrete screed or one of Charcon Construction Solutions insulated raised flooring systems (laid directly onto a continuous damp proof membrane over a leveling screed.) Additional insulating material can also be added between the beam and block and floor finish.

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Product information

  • Flooring guide (pdf, 4.04 MB)
  • Flooring brochure (pdf, 473.39 KB)
  • Beam and block load span tables (pdf, 280.09 KB)
  • Beam and acoustic block (pdf, 500.2 KB)