We manufacture and supply a wide range of building products from walling to precast concrete products.

22 products

22 products

Coursing bricks
A range of high strength, dense and lightweight coursing units to compliment our range of blocks.
Masterlite® Pro Acoustic
A cost effective concrete building block, close textured paint grade unit developed specifically for use in schools to meet the acoustic requirement of BB93.
Masterdenz ECO
Masterdenz ECO blocks are produced using 30% reduction in embodied CO2 compared to a standard concrete block, while also containing a minimum of 20% non-primary materials.
Masterlite® Pro ECO
Masterlite Pro ECO blocks are produced using a 30% reduction in embodied CO2 than our Masterlite Pro blocks while also containing a minimum of 20% non-primary materials.
Lytag Blocks
Lytag can be used within the production of medium dense concrete blocks as a direct replacement for natural aggregate. Reducing the environmental impact to the construction industry.
Precast Lytag
Lytag within precast concrete can reduce the density by 32% whilst not affecting its strength. More units can therefore be added to a delivery.
Beam and Block
Bespoke beam and block system composed of prestressed concrete beams - available in various profiles - with standard building blocks laid in between.
Stone Slips
An economical and cost effective cladding product that maintains an authentic natural appearance.
The original finish features the vertical tooled markings characteristic of chiselled dressed stone finish.