We manufacture and supply a wide range of building products from walling to precast concrete products.

28 products

28 products

Comprising prestressed concrete beams infilled with extruded polystyrene (XPS) panels, TETRiS is an easy to install, energy efficient suspended flooring system.
A fast and effective solution for upper floors, Charcon hollowcore flooring slabs range from 150mm to 400mm and achieve a 28 day strength of over 60N.
Beam and Block
Bespoke beam and block system composed of prestressed concrete beams - available in various profiles - with standard building blocks laid in between.
Travertine walling is a perfect alternative to natural stone, with its high quality finish complete with authentic surface pits and troughs.
Stone Slips
An economical and cost effective cladding product that maintains an authentic natural appearance.
The original finish features the vertical tooled markings characteristic of chiselled dressed stone finish.
Square Coursed Rubble
Reproduces the characteristic horizontal stratum lines of natural stone found in Northern counties.
Masonry Block
A simple and ingenious method of reproducing the appearance of traditional random rubble walling.
Developed to give the authentic appearance of squared and lightly dressed natural stone.