Extend is a range of low shrinkage concretes designed to reduce joint frequency for both flatwork and structural applications. Offering improved in-service performance and reduced construction cost.

BES 6001    CE marking

Features and benefits

Designed to meet individual project needs assuring fitness for purpose and optimisation of material characteristics

Every material combination has been subjected to long term movement testing

Calculate with confidence, using the declared low shrinkage value, maximising structural performance

Extended joint spacing for ground supported slabs ensures a reduction in the build programme and material costs whilst extending the in-service performance of the slab. There is also a high early age strength gain that can allow loading from 7 days

Where control of crack width is paramount, Extend will allow the designer to calculate with accuracy any concrete movement and thereby reduce construction cost

Extend can be formulated to give BS8204 special class abrasion resistance

Extended joint spacing allows flexibility in racking design and has many versatile applications

Extend concretes’ can be placed using all standard equipment.


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Product information

  • Ready-Mix Extend technical data sheet (pdf, 222.52 KB)
  • Concrete sector guide (pdf, 4.66 MB)
  • Concrete commitment brochure (pdf, 3.26 MB)