LytaLWC reduces the weight of structural concrete and can be pumped to any height and achieve a high quality finish.

BES 6001    CE marking    National Building Specification

Features and benefits

Lightweight concrete

Using Lytag coarse aggregates reduces the weight of structural concrete by around 25% compared with natural aggregate concrete. Including Lytag fine aggregate allows further weight reductions of up to 40%

Advantages: Less concrete and steel used, dead load of structure reduced, less foundations needed

Benefits: Significant cost savings

Excellent structural performance

Lytag lightweight aggregate concrete can provide the same level of structural performance as normal weight concrete so it can be used in exactly the same way

A compressive strength of up to 65N can be achieved

Advantages: Meets all British & European Standards at a fraction of the weight. Including a 16% improvement on long-term deflection over normal weight concrete

Benefits: Same performance as natural aggregate concrete, reduced costs, greater design flexibility

Cost savings

Because Lytag concrete is significantly lighter with no loss in strength over natural aggregate concrete, it reduces the dead load of the building. Substantial savings are made in concrete, reinforcement, foundations, CO2, haulage, time, and associated construction costs. See the independent study

Savings of up to 48% in foundations
10mm saving on the depth of floor slabs
10% less CO2

Benefits: A cheaper, quicker and greener building

Cost effective haulage savings

Savings can be made in many elements of haulage, including transporting raw Lytag in place of natural aggregate, and concrete and reinforcement deliveries

Advantages: Quicker and cheaper delivery

Benefits: Savings in time and haulage costs; Significant savings in CO2

Installation, as easy to place as normal concrete

Placing and compaction is as easy as with normal weight concrete. Lytag concrete can be pumped long distances and to great heights, as proven by its use in numerous recent structures such as the Shard and 20 Fenchurch St (the Walkie Talkie). Finishing processes used for normal concrete can easily be applied to Lytag concrete

Advantages: No specialist skills or tools needed. All possible concrete finishes can be achieved. High flow values achievable aiding speed of placement and workability

Benefits: No extra cost for normal installations

Thermal expansion by 33% over normal weight concrete

Using LYTAG reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion by 33% over normal weight concrete. The value for Lytag® can be taken as 7x10-6 / ºC

Advantages: Less movement joints are required. Reduction in risk of thermal cracking

Benefits: Cost reductions; design benefits

Insulation, 100% improvement in thermal conductivity

Using Lytag® not only reduces the density of your concrete but also improves the insulating properties with double the thermal performance of normal weight concrete. It meets all rating requirements

Advantages: Reduced value leading to improved U value of elements within the structure

Benefits: More thermally efficient structures; reduction in cold bridging

Fire Resistant, 20% more fire resistant than natural aggregate concrete

Lytag® pellets experience extreme temperatures during manufacture. As a result they are more stable at high temperatures, have a lower expansion coefficient, and a lower reduction in strength. This makes Lytag® ideal for fire resistant applications such as lift shafts and tunnels

Advantages: Meet all ratings at a reduced cost

Benefits: Increased overall fire safety of structures

Design, greater design opportunities

Lytag allows architects and structural engineers to push the boundaries of design by including longer cantilevers, slimmer general sections, larger spans and fewer or smaller columns

Advantages: Less constraints on design, larger floor spaces

Benefits: More available space for the client to utilise, architects and engineers can gain a competitive advantage at the tender stage.

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Product information

  • Lytacrete (pdf, 2.49 MB)
  • lytag technical data sheet self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete.pdf (pdf, 604.92 KB)
  • lytag technical data sheet section 2 manufacture of lwac using lytag lwa.pdf (pdf, 705.82 KB)
  • lytag technical data sheet design guidance for lytag lwac concret.pdf (pdf, 833.46 KB)