LytaScreed is manufactured by Lytag® for screed systems and can reduce weight by around 50%.

BES 6001    CE marking    National Building Specification

Features and benefits

Using Lytag® in screed systems reduces weight by around 50% compared to sand cement and anhydrite screeds (1060kg/m3)

Advantages for new structures: Reduced dead loads means less supporting structure is needed

Advantages for new refurbishments: Allows a robust screed solution where weight is a problem

Benefits: Less weight allows for greater flexibility in design

LytaScreed produces a material with very low shrinkage, typically 0.04%

Advantages: Large bays can be cast quicker and in a single operation, reducing the need for movement and day joints; fewer cracks. 

Benefits: Time and money savings

LytaScreed's drying time is 3x quicker than sand cement and anhydrite screeds

Advantages: Speeds up construction

Benefits: Floors can be used sooner. A quicker client handover

LytaScreed allows a greater depth to be used compared to normal sand / cement screeds. This enables levels, or falls, to be formed more easily

Advantages: Greater flexibility in all screed projects; virtually no restrictions on use

Benefits: Offers a lightweight universal solution

LytaScreed dramatically improves the insulation capabilities of screed systems. Replacing sand cement and anhydrite screeds with LytaScreed can reduce the thermal conductivity of that section by up to 80%

Advantages: Increased overall insulation capabilities

Benefits: Reduced cost of additional insulation. Helps to meet Part L of building regulation for Conservation of fuel and power

LytaScreed produces voids which increase the sound insulation properties of up to 6dB compared to sand cement screed

Advantages: Reduction in sound transfer through floors in offices, hospitals, schools, theatres, residential, etc

Benefits: Quieter buildings and cost savings. Helps to meet Part E of building Regulations

LytaScreed is cementitious, therefore hydro-dynamically stable

Advantages: LytagScreed can be used in outside locations unlike anhydrite screeds

Benefits: It can be used in most building applications.

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Product information

  • Concrete sector guide (pdf, 4.66 MB)
  • LytaScreed Topped technical data sheet (pdf, 2.06 MB)
  • LytaScreed Base technical data sheet (pdf, 2 MB)
  • Concrete commitment brochure (pdf, 3.26 MB)
  • lytag technical data sheet rapid drying lightweight screeds.pdf (pdf, 810.2 KB)
  • technical manual section 7 lytag lwa roof-floor screeds.pdf (pdf, 1.73 MB)