We are a major supplier of ready mix concrete and floor screed with a substantial range of products covering every popular application, from large project house building and city construction through to private driveways and DIY work.
24 products

24 products

Range of fibre reinforced pavement grade that reduces the errors associated with conventional reinforcing methods.
Watertight is a versatile range of specialised ready-mixed concretes designed to protect a structure from water ingress or to retain water within a structure.
Strike concrete is a unique system developed to meet the ever increasing needs of fast track construction.
Hydracrete is a modified ready mix concrete designed for placement into still or moving water with minimal washout.
Cemflow is a range of highly specialised self compacting ready mix concrete.
The system combines the inherent strength of concrete with the excellent thermal insulation properties of polystyrene to produce cost-effective and durable structures.