SuperLow asphalts are going carbon neutral

With the ever-increasing focus on carbon reduction, our technical teams at Aggregate Industries have worked hard to create the UK’s first ever carbon neutral asphalt - low carbon with the remainder offset.

How did we do it?

We reduced the embodied carbon footprint of our asphalts with three actions: improving production processes, using alternative energy sources, and mixing at reduced temperatures. So, by choosing SuperLow, you’re automatically saving up to 17% carbon. We’ve reduced emissions with a number of energy-saving measures and our carbon offsetting scheme. Plus, SuperLow has up to 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard asphalt. By optimising our production processes every step of the way, we’re making construction more sustainable. And it starts here, all without any change to product performance.

What about the paperwork?

You don’t need to do anything different. There’s no extra paperwork or steps to place your order. We’ll take care of the carbon offsetting and promise to bring you the UK’s first carbon neutral asphalt.

Why go SuperLow?

Why go SuperLow?

  • Reduces carbon
  • Saves time
  • Lasts longer
  • Safer
  • Same great quality
SuperLow Brochure Download

SuperLow Brochure Download

Download the SuperLow brochure by cliking the link below.

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The right product for your project

No matter what you’re working on, we’ve got a SuperLow product to help you get there quicker and reduce your carbon footprint.



A range of coloured asphalt products based around BS/EN close, dense and medium graded standard mixtures


SuperColour® Exposed

A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder.


SuperColour® Ultra

A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder



Our bespoke solution for large car parks, designed and engineered to provide a tough, hard wearing, low maintenance surface. It’s perfect for supermarket, retail, transport, office and leisure centres.



A stone mastic asphalt (SMA) derivative designed to meet both the Defence Estates and BAA specifications for SMA. Its tough and durable properties provide an economic alternative to traditionally specified Marshall Asphalt.



A range of airfield asphalt concrete mixtures for use on runways and taxiways. A great alternative to traditionally grooved Marshall Asphalt.



A permeable asphalt which allows water to pass freely through to the underlying structure.



A specifically engineered asphaltic concrete 14mm dense binder course mixture, designed to fill the gap within the range of binder course materials, described in UK asphalt standards.



A high performance 10mm polymer modified asphalt thin surface course designed for high speed, high traffic roads.



Asphalt specifically designed for domestic drives to give an aesthetically pleasing finish. Tough enough to cope with the demands of wear and tear from shear forces exerted by the turning wheels of private vehicles.



A range of asphalt products designed to meet job specific requirements for tennis courts and multi use games areas (MUGAS).



Award winning asphalt combining the properties of high fatigue resistance with excellent deformation resistance.



A highly compactable, very strong and durable asphalt, for use in heavily loaded areas like city centre road junctions, bus lanes, stations, ports and heavy industrial yards.



A premium surfacing material designed for demanding high performance motor racing circuits. This product has a long and successful history of use on circuits around the country.



A high performing 14mm polymer modified asphalt thin surface course designed for high speed, high traffic roads.



A Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) approved asphalt, thin surface course material available in 6mm and 10mm.