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The S.M.A.tex range of asphalt surface course products is based on the application and experience of European based stone mastic asphalt technology.

The range includes:

S.M.A.tex Carriageway – has been intentionally designed outside of the regime for BBA / HAPAS to allow a wider range of application and performance enhancement particularly where high levels of retained texture is not considered important, such as for lower speed heavy use highways.  

S.M.A.tex Industrial – designed to provide a most durable asphalt surfacing for industrial type applications.  This product has a lower texture depth than either of the highway products specifically to improve resistance to scuffing from items such as stacking cradles, container forklifts etc.

Forpave – has been developed for use in areas where the risks of fuel spillage and leakage are high and there is a need to improve resistance to degradation caused by oil and fuel spillage.

Key benefits

  • Long term durability and rut resistance
  • Economic alternative to traditional materials
  • Improved resistance to scuffing
  • Noise and spray reduction


  • Heavily trafficked urban roads
  • Residential low speed roads
  • Roundabouts
  • Industrial and commercial areas, particularly where heavy loading is an issue
  • Combined surface and binder course layers


  • Infrastructure

Technical Data Sheets


  • Smatex
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Asphalt portfolio

Asphalt portfolio

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Asphalt: Our Promise

Asphalt: Our Promise

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