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Product delivery is a component of our carbon footprint


On time delivery of our products to our customers’ sites is critical for the continued success of our business. However, we recognise that the transporting of our products and services can have adverse social and environmental impacts including:

  • Use of fossil fuels
  • CO2 emissions
  • Increased road vehicle movements
  • Nuisance to local residents.

Our transport emissions currently stand at the lowest level since we started reporting in 2008 when we emitted 4.21 KgCO2e/ tonne. This improvement is as a result of both better data collection and efficiencies in our logistics.

Transport emissions infographic

How we transported our products in 2014

As the chart below shows, the majority of the building materials that we produce are transported by road - but over 45% of the tonnage moved was by rail, ship and barge. Larger transport types such as rail help to ease congestion on UK roads.


Transport type     





Aggregates 48%  15%  30%  7% 
Asphalt 100% 

Concrete products         100% 
RMX 100%    


In 2014, road delivered products travelled an average of 30 miles; the average distance and load size is partly a reflection of the scale and breadth of projects in the UK construction market.

Sustainable transport methods are vital to taking vehicles off the road and reducing carbon and Aggregate Industries has extensive rail and water transport capability. But rail and water links are not available everywhere.

We are working with key stakeholders, internally and externally, to ensure that we are well positioned to manage the environmental impact of our transportation activity. To help this process gain momentum we developed our transport plan and established a transport steering group.
The steering group is currently developing key performance indicators associated with delivering materials to market. These will help to improve transport utilisation, increase efficiencies and ultimately reduce the associated carbon footprint.

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