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Facing Masonry

Facing Masonry textured walling block
1 of 2 | Facing Masonry textured walling block
Facing Masonry textured walling in application
2 of 2 | Facing Masonry textured walling in application

Facing Masonry is perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or residential building

A robust walling range designed to give the look and feel of traditionally dressed stone providing that distinctive masonry appearance

The attractive finishes, strength, size formats of the Facing Masonry range make the product an ideal solution for a variety of building projects.

  • Most economic alternative to natural stone
  • Available in 2 different finishes
  • Split - reproduces the traditional dressed appearance of natural stone, (only available as 100mm solid units). Supplied face only, shotblasted ends are recommended for reveals
  • Textured - shotblasted to lightly texture the surface, exposing the colour and texture of the natural aggregates. Supplied face only as standard
  • Offered in colours of natural buff and grey
  • Available in solid and hollow format for ultimate versatility
  • Manufacturing strength of 10.4N/mm2 (solid) and 7.3N/mm2 (hollow)
  • Excellent 'whole life' performance with proven long-term durability
  • Minimal maintenance and high density
  • The perfect combination of strength, durability and decorative appeal.


  • Ideal for all commercial building including offices, retail outlets, stadia and leisure centres, public buildings including schools and hospitals
  • Also suitable for domestic housebuilding where ashlar might be used, including flats and apartments, prestige developments or self builds.

Technical Data Sheets

Facing Masonry

  • Facing Masonry

Facing Masonry Technical Manual

  • Facing Masonry Technical Manual

NBS Data

F10 - 255 Walling block Facing Masonry
  • F10 - 255 Walling block Facing Masonry
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Architectural facing masonry portfolio

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