Developed to give the authentic appearance of roughly dressed natural stone. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build.

BES 6001    CE marking    National Building Specification

Features and benefits

High quality aesthetic finish

Produced in moulds originated from natural stone masters for a high quality aesthetic detail.  The Rough Dressed walling range is available in a number of shades to suit regional variations. Plus, jumper blocks and matching accessories are also available

Easy application

Produced in rational sizes for ease, speed and flexibility of construction.  The unique design allows a consistent 10mm mortar joint; however, when fully pointed the finished wall appears to have a more varied joint width. Can be laid to a 450mm module achieving wall tie positions, window and door heights

Walling project pack available

Walling project pack is available for smaller construction projects such as extensions, conservatory bases and boundary/garden walls.

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Iron Ham
Limestone Buff
Silver Grey

Product information and BIM

  • Rough dressed walling technical data sheet (pdf, 378.17 KB)
  • Bradstone walling solutions brochure (pdf, 7.01 MB)
  • Construction solutions for housebuilding (pdf, 2.4 MB)
  • Multi divisional service leaflet (pdf, 1.11 MB)
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